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Feb 22, 2022


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The company advertising and retailing platform for mobility companies. Our leading-edge technology empowers mobility companies to put their best products and innovations directly in front of the customer, enabling a shift from price led to service led distribution. We connect mobility companies with airlines and travel brands, enabling a better end to end experience for every stakeholder in the marketplace.

About the job

We’re looking for a Senior Test Engineer to help build and apply a leading-edge testing strategy that will validate our UI and API output and performance.
The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about finding issues, enjoy scripting test cases, and have a proven track record of delivering effective test suites that detect errors in presentation and API layers. You will be self-motivated with the ability to adapt to change in an agile, fast environment.
The successful applicant will have proven experience in a major test framework, and an understanding of how to interact with a modern React application and a RESTful JSON API.


• Collaborating with the engineering team to define the test suites and understand the expected inputs and outputs.
• Build automated test cases needed to determine the success or fail of the UI flow and API calls.
• Integrate end to end tests to follow each deployment across each environment.
• Determine severity of errors, delivering advisory system to alert team of failures.


• 6+ years’ experience in a modern test framework (e.g. Cucumber, Puppeteer, Gauge, Selenium, etc).
• Experience testing multiple browsers on different operating systems.
• Experience with testing mobile devices and responsive layouts.
An ideal candidate will also have
• Experience with NodeJs or Spring Boot applications.
• Experience with accessibility standards, such as WCAG.