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Feb 22, 2022


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The company advertising and retailing platform for mobility companies. Our leading-edge technology empowers mobility companies to put their best products and innovations directly in front of the customer, enabling a shift from price led to service led distribution. We connect mobility companies with airlines and travel brands, enabling a better end to end experience for every stakeholder in the marketplace.

About the job

• Join a small team of exceptional UI engineers on a green-field project, using the latest technology to build a flexible mobility booking experience.
• Get involved in the entire feature delivery process from definition to prototype, to completed functionality, in a collaborative and agile team.


• Collaborating with the engineering team to define the problem and understand the right solutions available.
• Rapidly prototyping and iterating until you reach a proven solution.
• Working with complex API and state logic, while producing a simple and performant user experience.
• Following a detail-oriented approach to presentation and styling.


• 3 years’ experience in any modern JavaScript based UI framework like Vue.js, Ember.js, Angular, Backbone.js.
• Skilled in CSS and HTML5, and experience with responsive layouts.
• Experience with managing state in client-side application.
• Experience with NodeJs based applications.
An ideal candidate will also have:
• 2 years’ experience in React.js.
• 2 years’ experience with Redux or a similar flux-like architecture.
• Experience with React Native, or Mobile Native development.
• Experience with a CSS preprocessor such as Less or Sass.

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