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Dec 5, 2022


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is pioneering a new method of producing unique polymer fuel and oil filters for automotive applications. Introduction of developed polymer fuel filters allows to achieve a significant reduction of diesel vehicles emissions, especially major pollutants such as Particulate Matter up to 80% and Nitrogen Dioxide up to 80%, Carbon Dioxide up to 10%, Carbon Monoxide up to 20% and Hydrocarbons up to 40%.

About the job

The researcher's duties include aligning methodologies with research goals, using a range of tools to acquire information and interpret data, writing up reports and presenting findings and schedules to management and other stakeholders, identifying trends and patterns, conducting fieldwork and tests when required, as well as protecting databases and confidential information.


Interpreting research specifications and developing a work plan that satisfies requirements.
Conducting desktop research, and using books, journal articles, newspaper sources, questionnaires, surveys, polls, and interviews to gather data.
Analyzing and interpreting patterns and trends.
Recording findings by taking written notes and using appropriate software.
Maintaining and protecting electronic databases.
Assisting management with budget and time schedules.
Anticipating research issues and promptly resolving them.
Promptly reporting any problems to the relevant stakeholders.
Following a strict code of ethics and protecting any confidential information at all times.
Writing proposals and delivering presentations when required.


The ideal candidate will:
A bachelor's degree in research or similar.
Master's degree preferable.
Proven experience in a research field.
Sound understanding of research methodologies.
Proficiency in MS Office.
Strong statistical and mathematical aptitude.
Strong problem-solving skills.
Practical experience in database management.
Attention to detail and exceptional written, verbal, and telephonic communication skills.

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