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Feb 1, 2022


Training, Experience, Connections with Industry

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About the Company

“People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do.” - Steve Jobs

By this definition, our founder, Sorcha Finucane, definitely qualifies as crazy.

Having worked in senior training and development roles for years, Sorcha had a clear idea of how inefficient the process can be to find the right training program.

TrainedIn has been helping these very people during the COVID-19 Crisis by hosting webinars to connect them with potential clients.

In 2019, she conceptualised the idea of TrainedIn. It’s mission? To make researching and booking training courses so much easier.

As TrainedIn was being built, Sorcha realised that she could use the technology to help with another subject she felt passionately about: enhancing sustainability for small businesses and freelancers.

In her full-time career, Sorcha had met many consultants, tutors and trainers who were incredibly talented and provided enormous support and value to people. However, due to modest marketing budgets these trainers couldn’t compete with larger training organisations.

TrainedIn launched in April 2020. Yes, right at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. (The first one…!)

Throughout the year, TrainedIn has been running free webinars to connect freelancers and small training businesses to potential clients.

Our promise is always to match highly skilled professionals with the individuals and businesses looking for their services.

About the job

Help us drive our business strategy forward by helping us deliver talent from both domestic and international markets.


Responsible for developing and nurturing relationships within a range of candidate communities, using a range of recruitment tools and social media platforms to seek out the best talent.


Some experience required or someone who is currently studying HR and wants to gain experience.

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