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Digital Marketing Assistant

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May 1, 2022


Training, Experience, Connections with Industry

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About the Company

Connecting People, Companies & the Planet
We are fully committed to our principles of Eco-friendly, Ethical & Sustainable Fashion & Textiles. We literally start from the ground up by sourcing certified plant-based fabrics grown without pesticides and only work with fabrics that have no chemicals in the manufacturing process.
We especially focus on Organic Bamboo fabric due to all its natural benefits and production process. We are continually researching how to be more responsible to protecting the environment by focusing on renewable resources and reduce our carbon footprint in our supply chain.
All the fabrics used by the company are 100% ECO Certified and OEKO-TEX Certified sustainable organic or recycled textiles.

About the job

Social Media Content and Communications
Develope Marketing plans and prepare weekly reports on all channels
Consistent Brand communication and PR
Prepare Social Media calendars and develop new communication channels for the Brand with Press and affiliates.


Some knowledge on all widely used social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Pinterest
• Some knowledge with paid advertising, particularly Facebook and Instagram ads.
• A genuine interest in Sustainability, the Environment and Fashion
• Excellent Copywriting skills
• Prepare Marketing plans, content and strategy
• You should have excellent organisational & multitasking skills to handle multiple social media accounts in a cohesive way
• You’re a creative, innovative thinker who loves coming up with engaging content ideas across a wide range of clients
• Basic understanding of Google Analytics
• Basic understanding of other digital channels, e.g. PPC & SEO
• Fluent English and working French a plus


If you don’t have any hands-on social advertising experience but are enthusiastic, creative and willing to learn, we would still love to hear from you.
A BSc and/or BA degree in marketing, digital marketing, journalism, advertising or PR would be beneficial to your application.

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