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We are Irelands leading makeup artistry school. Training individuals to become qualified makeup artists at an international level. Our courses are aimed at anyone with a keen interest from the age of 16+. We offer courses on a part time and full time basis. Before COVID we had 4 academies, 2 in Dublin, 1 in Cork and 1 in London. Last year we down sized to one location and reduced our staff down from 24 to 5 members. I am a hands-on director with a diploma in sales, advertising, marketing and PR. I have also undergone short courses in digital marketing and I am currently studying graphic design. I love this side of the business but unfortunately I just don't have the time for it all or the experience. As a result our digital and social media areas falter or have difficulty in keeping up with current demands or trends. Our business is hugely visual and we require a constant online presence. I believe having someone to solely look after this area for us would be hugely beneficial.

About the job

Look after digital marketing and social media. Working closely with the director to help bring in future customers but also to create a relationship with existing customers. Be part of strategic meetings to organise and create content and bring it to life. Plan and prepare a digital marketing strategy for the company.


Digital Marketing, Social Media and some graphic design is desired


Experience/knowledge in a similar role. Interest in the beauty and makeup industry.
Digital Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design