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... connects Humans (Parents) with other Humans (Minders & Inspirers) to Care for and Teach Little Humans.

About the job

We are looking for a highly organised and outgoing community manager to help us Find and Mind the very best Minders & Inspirers for our families. (Minder are people who mind children, from nannies to babysitters and Inspirers are people who teach kids).


You will be responsible for finding our Minders & Inspirers by:
- Organising our inbound requests from families
- Managing our online campaigns
- Building up a network of Minders & Inspirers for us to vet

You will also assist in the vetting process

You will work with us to build a community management program to provide the very best supports for our Minders & Inspirers, working with us to ensure they have the best benefits, access to legal and compliance advice and ongoing classes and sessions to improve skills, social interaction and wellness.


The ideal candidate will have experience building and maintaining online communities, whether formally or informally.

Superb communication skills are required alongside strong social media accomplishments and digital marketing.

Experience in HR, law or accounting also a bonus.